A structured personal branding process and coaching service
for entrepreneurs and leaders with vision and ambition.

We live in a world of networks. A world where information is transparent and the means to broadcast it are available to all. This evolution is radically changing the way individuals define and communicate their personal identity — and, over time, build their professional credibility.

Creating one's personal brand requires the appropriate guidance, to help put forward one's distinctives qualities, athentically and strategically. To face this challenge, leaders are often left to their own devices.

Who can benefit from Éminence?

Entrepreneurs and leaders who wish to push their careers forward and who understand the importance of managing their personal reputation to meet business objectives.

They must stand out and be recongized as experts by their business community:

  • Professional growth
  • Business development
  • New business or project
  • Career change

What is our approach?

We developped a three-step methodology, inspired by the branding process but adapted to your business reality.

We involve members of your ecosystem as well as recognized experts to foster the reflection and craft a personal branding strategy that is tailored for you.

Reveal what distinguishes you
Understand how you are actually perceived by your business community

Set the path to follow
Identify your ideal distinctive positioning and the means to achieve it

Give life to your personal brand
Put the right tools in place, measure impact and adjust your strategy as you move forward

What are the benefits ?

Being in control of your image and personal branding helps you reach your business objectives. Many factors are at play.

  • Bring more coherence to your actions by building a strong and authentic personal brand
  • Control your image by effectively managing your communication channels
  • Strengthen your professional credibility by putting forward what truly distinguishes you
  • Differentiate yourself naturally among your business community


"With its personalized and straight-to-the-point approach, f. & co managed to understand my business and professional positioning challenges. Working with personal branding experts helps me make better day-to-day decisions in terms of image and provides a boost to business development."

Benoît Savard
President – sma.transformation
benoitsavard.com (personal blog)