How can we efficiently mobilize collective intelligence and create mixed communities
to foster open innovation and the resolution of complex problems?


Cx will be announced in early 2016. Stay tuned!

The growing complexity of issues that our industries and communities are facing forces us to adopt more open and collaborative approaches towards innovation. On a large scale, the structuration of collaboration can sometimes take unexpected turns.

With Cx, f. & co explores the development of large-scale open collaboration protocols.

Who will benefit from Cx?

Open innovation and new collaborative business models are making their way in a growing number of industries. Their impact is often disruptive for existing stakeholders.

Can we imagine protocols that would allow businesses and organizations to mobilize a variety of participants in their communities and impose themselves as leaders of transformation — rather than being its victims?

What is our approach?

Our approach in developping collaboration protocols that address complexity is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Design thinking places user needs at the very heart of an iterative process while favouring rapid prototyping
  • An open source philosophy offers the baseline of the protocol to practitioners so they can make it their own, experiment, then share back their innovations with the community
  • The hacking ethics demands that uses be systematically questioned and that possible outcomes be explored through experimentation

Experiment: Connexité Montréal

In September 2015, f. & co announced, in collaboration with Open North, the creation of non-profit Connexité Montréal, a project nursery to infuse new energy in the civic space. Connexité Montréal fosters citizen-driven innovation through collaboration and data to generate projects that address real, local issues.