Louis-Félix Binette at The Relevent Conference
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Louis-Félix Binette at The Relevent Conference

It's starting today and we are happy to spread the word:


Louis-Félix will be one of the speakers during The Relevent Sponsorship Conference, which takes place in Montreal on September 16 to 18. The idea is to ''get better at what you do well!'' And f. & co loves it.


In order to help define the new era of sponsorship marketing, Louis-Félix will himself about Community, the Creative “Soft Porn" of Sponsorship Activation, based notably on his experience as host of CreativeMornings/Montréal, a free monthly event that is nurturing a growing community of creatives.


He warns you though: case studies may involve open relationships, threesomes and a lot of positioning, but also tips on building genuine creative partnerships based on trust, generosity and emotion!



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