Collaboration magna cum laude
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Collaboration magna cum laude

Mouvement Desjardins, a credit union and Québec's largest financial institution, launched today a new version of excentriQ, its internal online collaborative platform, and inaugurated a brand new creativity space within the iconic downtown Montréal Complexe Desjardins.


The event and presentation put together by the excentriQ team were simply stunning – just like the platform and space: simple, slick, efficient. A meticulously assembled array of guests from the excentriQ user community and guests from business, university and public sector circles were able to get a sneak peek at the functionalities of the new platform and the vision that guided its conception.


Even before being fully revamped, excentriQ had received an OCTAS prize from the ActionTI network in 2012 in the category catégorie Collaborative or particpative web environment. This in no way incited its promoters, including "community leader" Benoît Bisson, to rest on their laurels. 

Based on values of openness, and bridging physical and online ergonomy, excentriQ hopes to "capture moments of creativity" like snapshots of intuition and inspiration that will cumulatively constitute the strategic strength of tomorrow's organizations. What's more, the Mouvement Desjardins, shaped by the cooperative values that distinguishes it from other institutions, is aptly positioned in the banking industry to rise up to the challenges of the creative and collaborative economy.

With its new creativity room working seamlessly with an online platform that will become more and more open and accessible to Desjardins' 40,000-strong workforce, the excentriQ team hopes to leverage the brain power of employees to fuel the organization's transformation. By federating creative energies and providing a transversal catalyst for complex initiatives, it seems like excentriQ has a bright future.


f. & co will be part of it. The excitement is real. Let's go!

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