Escouade mobilizes the collective genius to design and implement innovative and collaborative projects

Projects are the real drivers of innovation. They can address a specific problem, seize an emerging opportunity, jumpstart an initiative, bring about change.

Collaboration is essential to any project, but it sometimes feel costly and unwieldy.

You are a private or public organization wishing to reap the benefits of collaboration: engagement, creativity, resilience.

You want a strategic, effective and flexible approach to running your projects.

Here's Escouade

You are at the heart of the process

You are the project leader. We work with you from the project's design all the way through to implementation, with indicators..

We infuse collaboration

We believe that the success of projects depends on a well-equipped team, good management and real engagement from your communities throughout the process.

1. Reflection
to reach a shared vision and understanding of issues with your communities

2. Creation
to stimulate collective intelligence in favour of new solutions and unexpected opportunities

3. Construction
to mobilize and ensure the loyalty of your communities to the project

4. Management
to ensure viability, longlasting impacts and skills transfer

5. Communication
to create a multiplier effect and amplify the network effect

Agility and rigour

The Escouade team combines creativity, strategy and method to ensure the success of your projects.

  • Anick Patenaude

  • Louis-Félix Binette